LIVE Fox 45 Good Day Baltimore Interview for Rune of the Apprentice by Jamison Stone

Apprentices and Masters, so very excited to say that on Saturday I had my first LIVE TV INTERVIEW! So amazing!

Click HERE to watch! It was such a surreal experience and I was so nervous! But everyone at FOX45 was super friendly! They had received an advance copy and many had already read RUNE! I was blown away by the reception I got! SO FREAKING COOL!   

Speaking of freaking cool, another blurb for RUNE just came in, too! Check it out! 

"Within just a few moments of beginning to read Rune, I was immediately drawn into the adventurous, magical world that Jamison Stone has created―my heartbeat pulsed, my breath grew shallow, my fingers trembled as I leap from page to page―and this was all in merely the first chapter! Stone has hit it out of the ballpark with this book, and you will not want to put it down. An epic read indeed." ―Ben Greenfield, New York Times bestselling author of Beyond Training

I am so humbled by all the positive feedback I am getting for RUNE and SO EXCITED for everyone to get their copies! (If you want to check out all of the other blurbs click HERE.)

In other news: Geek & Sundry is hosting another contest, and this time it’s Fantasy! 

MANY people have asked if I am going to submit RUNE’s sequel into the contest, and my answer is a definitive NO. And here is why: I feel Inkshares contests should be to raise awareness to NEW authors, not ones with a strong following. The reason I was able to publish RUNE, and have the courage to take a leap into crowd funding, is because I knew that the Nerdist contest would be a fair(ish) playing ground, and although I did not win, RUNE is now Inkshares’ #3 top selling book in Fantasy, despite still being in pre-orders!

So, no, I am not entering the contest--Instead, I am going to support NEW authors who come onto the Inkshares platform and hopefully enable someone unknown, like I was, get their chance to shine! To that end, if anyone fits that description and wishes their book to be featured on my blog just tweet me@StoneJamison and we will make it happen!

Truly exciting times for RUNE and Inkshares and I am so happy to be sharing it with you!

p.s. Next week I will be in Seattle’s KeyArena for the DOTA International Convention and Championship! I will be there for the ENTIRE event (8+ days!) Follow me on Twitter @StoneJamison for live updates of all the excitement! It will be EPIC! #GGWP