Audible RUNE Audiobook, Dota2 TI6, and Cosplay!

Exciting news Masters and Apprentices! RUNE OF THE APPRENTICE will be made into an Audible Audiobook! 

I can't begin to describe how happy this makes me. I have heard so many times, "I just don't have time to read and really wish RUNE was an audiobook!" Well, folks, your wish is my command! Inkshares has done a wonderful job of making it all happen and I am so excited hear, Aleksi, Nataraja, Domadred, Beck, and all the other exciting characters of RUNE OF THE APPRENTICE come to life! HUGE shout out to Adam Gomolin for locking the deal down. Thank you!


Also, as many of you know, I just got back from The DOTA2 International Convention and Championship.

TI6 was awesome!  (Congrats to team Wings on their epic victory!) As promised MONTHS ago, I ROCKED the Antimage Cosplay, mohawk and all! My brother and I had a great time and you can view the pictures directly on Instagram here to get captions and info about each shot! Or for those who don't like Instagram, there is a full gallery uploaded at the end of this post.

Lastly, for those who have not yet pre-ordered RUNE, now is the perfect time because you can get 25% off the hardcover on Amazon by clicking here RUNE is a great read, but don't just take my word for it, here is what Ricardo Henriquez, author of The Catcher's Trap had to say:

"Jamison Stone's novel, Rune of The Apprentice, presents the reader with a detailed and beautifully crafted new world. The descriptions of Terra's geography and its inhabitants are so vivid that I could easily imagine myself walking through the avenues, squares, and marketplaces of Mindra's Haven. But this book is not only about a well-crafted fantastic world. Probably one of Stone's biggest achievements is his capacity to portrait his hero’s internal struggle. Aleksi is young, powerful and good at heart but lost. Having the reader rooting for Aleksi from beginning to end requires the work of a skillful storyteller; Jamison Stone is definitely that person." ―Ricardo Henriquez, author of The Catcher's Trap 

If you have not taken a look at The Cateher's Trap, then you really should--just be warned Ricardo is a master of horror and his book is truly a scary read!  All in all, I am so excited to be able to share RUNE with you all in audio form, and dressing up in full on Antimage Cosplay at TI6 was fantastic! The Dota community rocks! I am super excited for TI7! And again, for those who have not yet picked up their copy of RUNE, snag one here at Amazon for 25% off!

P.S. My next convention is Dragon Con which starts Sept 1st. Expect some more KILLER Cosplay pictures :)