Sunshine Is Forever, Guest post by Kyle T. Cowan

Questions People Have Been Asking Me: a blog post

by Kyle T. Cowan

Wait, so you want to be an actor, AND you want to write?

I get asked this question all the time. Some people think I’m nuts. Agents and managers have constantly advised me to pick one or the other, but the truth is that I want to act, write, and direct. I have wanted to be in film since I was in preschool. Nothing has changed, except now I have turned to books as an immediate outlet for my stories. I believe that I will achieve all of my dreams with hard work, and I don’t want to choose one over the other, because I enjoy them all equally.

So why are you writing books, and not screenplays?

Who says I’m not writing screenplays? I am lucky enough to have met George R. R. Martin twice. Once before he was mega famous, and a second time at a screening. The first time I met George, I asked him why he started writing books, and he told me it was because he could have as many characters as he wanted in his stories. He also advised me that it is a lot easier to get a book published, than it is to get a screenplay made into a movie. I realized that he was right. If I wanted all of the screenplays on my hard drive to see the light of day, I first needed to find an audience for them. So I immediately began to adapt my screenplays into manuscripts. The second time I met George, I told him that he had given me great advice.


You are an Actor? What have you been in?

Yes, I act in TV and Film in addition to being writer of Novels and Screenplays. Currently, you can see me in PREACHER, WAR ON EVERYONE, MANH(A)TTAN, CAMOUFLAGE, and ODD THOMAS.


Why Are you publishing with InkShares?

I have queried hundreds of agents, with zero results. I mostly write Sci-Fi / Fantasy, and I have a series that I have been trying to get off the ground since I was eighteen. Right now, I have decided to keep my series in my back pocket. I had a general meeting with a mentor almost a year ago. At the time, I had been hashing out the idea for a Young Adult Novel. Since the company he works at primarily focuses on the YA Genre, I decided to put all of my efforts into polishing it. I worked with a professional editor to get my manuscript into the best possible shape, before I brought it to my mentor, and he pointed me to InkShares.



Wait, you’ve queried hundreds of agents? Why hasn’t it been picked up?

Yes, I have. I think writing is a lot like acting. You put yourself out there hundreds of times before a door opens. Most of the responses I get from agents give me the impression that they are so overwhelmed with material that they don’t have time to actually take an in-depth look at any unknown author’s stuff. I have had quite a few people read Sunshine is Forever, and they have all told me that it is a great, well-written story. I know that these close advisers would not lie to me. My story is ready to greet the world, I promise.

Why not self publish?

I don’t want to self-publish anything. InkShares is a real publishing company for writers who have an audience. I chose InkShares because I want to work with an editor, designer, and publicity team. InkShares is also affiliated with United Talent Agency, so my book will be getting in front of all the right eyes. (If I reach 750 preorders)

What inspired Sunshine is Forever?

I read an interview with John Green where he stated that every book he writes teaches some sort of life lesson to young people. I really took that to heart. I have a few friends who suffer from depression, and sometimes I find myself getting into the same state of mind. I don’t personally suffer from chronic depression, but I know what it feels like to be depressed. I did a lot of research on the subject matter, and decided that I wanted to write a life lessons story centered on depression. I truly believe that no one can help you, unless you are willing to help yourself, and I think that is the main message I am trying to convey with this story.

So what is Sunshine is Forever about?

There is a lot of set up in the first fifty pages of my book, but I promise, it serves a purpose. Hunter is clearly not a happy camper at the beginning of this story, and he complains, a lot. Corin changes his outlook on life, but Hunter is constantly advised that she is bad news. There are two main mysteries in this story: What the heck did Hunter do to make his family loathe him so much? And, why is Corin at Camp Sunshine at all? I liked the idea of swapping gender stereotypes. In most teen romance novels, the guy sweeps the girl off her feet, but in this story, Corin is definitely the force to be reckoned with. Her confidence is attractive, but why would a girl like her be interested in a guy like Hunter? You’ll find out.

Who designed the cover?

Daniel Chase drew the outline of the sun. I did the rest in photoshop. Thanks for the help Daniel!

Why should I support this story?

I personally believe that this is a story that can appeal to everyone. Not only are you helping support my writing, but you are also helping this book reach a wider audience. At 750 preorders, InkShares sweetens the deal, A LOT. Ultimately, I would love for this book to become a Bestseller, and eventually be made into a movie. THAT IS THE DREAM. That might not ever happen, but I hope that it will. We are off to a great start!



$10 for an E-Book OR $20 for a Signed Copy

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Thank you to everyone who has preordered so far! Keep spreading the word! I appreciate all of you so much!


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