Dragon Con Cosplay!

Dragon Con was Awesome! I've uploaded the pics both on Instagram and below! So much fun!

One of the most exciting things about Dragon Con (other than hanging with my bro Tim) was meeting up with my fellow Inkshares authors! Here is what J.F. Dubeau, author of The Life Engineered and A God in the Shed had to say about RUNE:

“Stone has crafted an exciting fantasy epic set in a mysterious world of intrigue and adventure. Intricately written and populated with characters we not only root for but also deeply identify with, Rune is constructed with tangible enthusiasm that pours from every page. The flowing prose is experienced rather than read—and done so with vivid clarity. I’m highly anticipating the next in the series!” —J.F. Dubeau, author of The Life Engineered and A God in the Shed
Rune of the Apprentice
By Jamison Stone

Obviously I am very honored by J.F.'s words—they are a wonderful sneak peak into the wonderful adventure that is Rune of the Apprentice! It was also a blast hanging out with the other Inkshares authors at Dragon Con. Seen above in Matt Hardy's photo on the far left is me, then Paul Innman, author of Ageless; J.F. Dubeau, author of The Life Engineered and A God in the Shed; Brian Guthrie, author of Rise; and G. Derek Adams, author of Asteroid Made of Dragons. I look forward to next time we meet! (My next convention will be Annapolis Comic Con, on Sept. 18th btw!)

In other RUNE news, large chain bookstores are finally starting to pick up their copies! Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Bookazine, and Indigo, to name a few! Independent bookstores are also getting their copies, too! BUT there are hundreds of bookstores which still have not yet ordered! SO, something you all can do is ASK your local bookstore to stock a copy or three! Just tell them to ask their "Ingram representative" about Rune of the Apprentice and they can take care of the rest! Getting Rune placed in these bookstores is huge, and will enable more people to enjoy this epic adventure! 

I'm going to keep this update quick because it's a Friday, but expect more from me soon! I just recorded a super fun podcast, and have a lot of other cool news to share in the weeks to come.  Currently, I am planning out RUNE's epic book signing tour. I'm hitting each timezone, and undoubtedly, coming to a city near you! In the meantime, hit up your local bookstore and ask them to stock Rune! They wont regret it!