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Apotheosis Studios

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Indie Studio responsible for The Last Amazon a post-apocalyptic superhero graphic novel; Shadow of the Moon an illustrated novella and top-down Roguelike Action-Adventure RPG; Fantasy/Sci-Fi novel Rune of the Apprentice; and ForeverCon the meeting place for all artists, creators, and innovative minds who wish to inspire, awe, learn and share.

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The Rune Chronicles, Book I

In a world where magic, technology, and nature have merged, the few who can control Runes hold dominance over all of creation. All believe that Aleksi, a sixteen-year-old orphan, was blessed to be born with a Rune embedded in his palm, but that’s only because they don’t know the truth—Aleksi’s Rune is so powerful it’s killing him.

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The Last Amazon

The year is 2050. In the wake of a worldwide nuclear holocaust, only two cities remain on our war-torn planet. Amid this global struggle, a desperate scientist risks everything to tip the balance of power by awakening a sentient technology which has the ability to either heal our broken world or plunge all organic life into eternal darkness.

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