The Knightmares, guest post by Inkshares Author hopeful G. A. Finocchiaro

During my time promoting THE KNIGHTMARES, I have been asked to explain what the story’s all about to numerous people. It seems that most people would rather hear that explanation from my mouth than to actually read the official synopsis that came from my typed fingers in 125 characters or less. The reason, I suppose, is that you can get a great feel for a book by hearing the way its author candidly speaks of it. The love and affection that could only be found from an author who not only wrote it, but lived and breathed their story as they sought to put it eloquently into the written word from the images in their brain.

You can watch a short video above, so, instead of giving you the quick pitch again, here’s the deeper cut.

Imagine your best friends. The ones you could have whole adventures with by merely going on a quick food run to the local burger joint or food court. The ones that stuck by your side when things got rough, like when Billy Woodward threatened to make you eat all the peas on his cafeteria tray if you didn’t surrender your lunch money. The ones that could tease you for all your insecurities, and you could laugh at it because you knew they were always on your side. The ones with all the inside jokes. The ones you could banter with and debate whether or not Wars was superior to Trek. The ones that know you, the real you.

Now, imagine you and those friends ran into some trouble, and one of them happened to be infected with a paranormal seed set to regrow a long lost warlord from another dimension because some crazy lovesick, super freakin’ attractive supernatural babe wanted to bring him back into reality and help her destroy the world. Would you put your life on the line to help them?

Of course you would! That’s what those once-in-a-lifetime friends do for each other.

That, in essence, is what THE KNIGHTMARES is about. Well, that and finding out that one of your best pals is actually a quarter werewolf, and another may or may not be a witch...

The Players

The cast of THE KNIGHTMARES are an eclectic group of personalities. Each one different enough to appeal to different people for various reasons. I had great inspiration, drawing upon countless hours spent with my best friends, all of which were caricaturized and placed with care into the story.

Mike Graves - Mike is the leader. He’s the glue. He’s the one that keeps them on task, and he’s the one who ultimately comes up with the plans. Goofy and loyal, Mike is as honest as they come.

Bob Stranger -  Bob is the mysterious one. He’s dark, sometimes brooding, and a man of few, but eloquently blunt, words. And he’s got a very interesting family history.

Alicia Grimsly - Alicia is the caretaker. She’s the mama-bear of the group. She makes sure everyone is fed and content, and always has your back. She also has an interesting family history.

Thad Spector - Thad is the intellectual. He’s sharp as a tack, and often uses his smarts for witty remarks and wicked burns. Every now and then, his curiosity will get the better of him. Some might call it a curse?

Chris Withers - Chris is the genius. He’s a computer whiz and a braniac. Accidents do happen, and Chris is usually at the center of it. But he always gets an A for effort. When push comes to shove Chris always comes through, usually from the seat of his pants.

Gavin Bane - Gavin is the cool guy. He’s the guy with tattoos and a reputation to uphold. He’s the wingman every guy needs, and a highly opinionated ranter. Don’t be uncool around him. Just don’t. You’ll regret it. Seriously.

Becky Gray - Becky is the heart. She’s everybody’s favorite. Equal parts sweet and cool, and entirely awesome. Sometimes, however, trouble finds her. But with a soul as golden as hers, she always has people willing to back her up.

Gene Oscuro - If Becky is the heart, Gene is the lost soul. He’s a hopeless romantic with an extra helping of hopeless. Athletic and daring, but Gene’s best attribute is his loyalty. There are dark days ahead for Gene…very dark days.

Deedra Esperanza Maladay - Deedra’s the hot-weird-formerly gothy-annoying one. If you need something done, don’t ask Deedra. If you need someone to stand by your side while facing down evil, she’s probably cowering in the closet. This may not be the girl in the story you start off knowing, but you’ll never forget when “her blondeness” arrives.

World Building with the Supernatural

One of the toughest obstacles I had when writing THE KNIGHTMARES was all the research involved. I spent hours with my nose in a reference book, or loading up various obscure websites to help explain to me an actual understanding of strange fringe pseudo-sciences like alchemy; Not just the idea of turning lead into gold, but processes and symbology as well as the major players. I researched each and every mythological creature involved, and put my own spin on them, creating a large and continually growing world where everything that ever went bump in the night could pop up for a scare or two.

The characters in my story interact in a larger world. They are one part of a larger story that branches out into all directions. From the great Werewolf King, to the history of the blood feud between Warlocks and Witches. From parallel dimensions to the history of the “Founding Father the First,” Benjamin Franklin, as he sets up the story nearly 225 years before it begins. There are possessed stuffed toy animals, zany ghosts, cursed pirate treasure, and semi-omniscient alien gods, all wrapped up into a story that I believe, will entertain you as much as it entertained me to write it for you.

If you’re looking to find out more about THE KNIGHTMARES, go to, or head on over to my Inkshares page and pre-order a copy while you read a few of the sample chapters I have posted.

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Jamison Stone

Jamison is the Director and Lead Writer of Apotheosis Studios. In addition to his professional career, Jamison is also a Trustee, Committee Chair, and grant writer for the W. Clement & Jessie V. Stone Foundation, an organization which provides grantmaking programs in education, youth development and early childhood development.