Maps, Blurbs, and RUNE Short Story!

Masters and Apprentices!  Three pieces of exciting news!

  1. Maps!
  2. Blurbs!
  3. RUNE Short Story!

1. First off, M.S. Corley, the SUPER talented artist of RUNE's cover has just completed his digital map renderings of my hand drawn originals! These awesome images will be printed on RUNE's hardcover endsheets! I think he did a truly fantastic job of not only preserving all details of my originals, but also adding a wonderful elegance which perfectly matches RUNE's cover! Well done, sir!

2. RUNE's blurbs are coming in and I am SUPER humbled by the praise. See for yourself:

"RUNE is an epic journey about transforming the darkness within so that we can achieve true peace in the world around us." --Chade-Meng Tan, New York Times Bestselling Author of Joy on Demand and Search Inside Yourself

"Jamison Stone has created a vivid world filled with rich detail unlike any I've ever seen before. His diverse cast of engaging characters brings his vision to life so brightly that I cannot wait for the next installment. Don't deny yourself this guilty pleasure." --Terry Mixon, author of The Empire of Bones Saga and The Humanity Unlimited Saga

"Jamison Stone's writing style is clear, engaging, and highly recommended! In just the first chapter alone, Rune of the Apprentice will provide immediate immersion into a mystical and mysterious world which will keep you coming back for more." --Erik A. Lenderman, author of Principles of Practical Psychology

It is profoundly humbling knowing that those who have read RUNE have enjoyed it so greatly--and it fills my heart with joy knowing that SOON you all will have the same opportunity!

3. Lastly, our short story anthology "Too Many Controllers" has been green lit with full publishing by Inkshares! My story is set in the same world as Rune of the Apprentice and will offer a truly amazing sneak peek into not only the mysterious machinations of Terra's angelic and deific Guardians, but also RUNE's sequel, entitled <Name Redacted>! How exciting!

p.s. I hope to have some additional wonderful news in the days and weeks to come, but don't want to ruin the surprise prematurely. All in all, RUNE has an exciting ride ahead of it, and it's all because of you! Thank you, and most importantly, enjoy! For those who have not done so, you can pre-order Rune of the Apprentice by clicking HERE!