Fun Times in SaltLake at FanX!

Just a quick post about Apotheosis Studio’s recent FanX Expo booth in Salt Lake! Over Easter weekend, we were happily inundated with fellow fandom aficionados at the con while bordered by the buoyant waters of the Great Salt Lake and the snow-capped peaks of the Wasatch Range! Truly a wonderful time. (Although it was a bit strange to be out of CO for 420!)

Sarah, Eddie, and I (Jamison) drove from Boulder to Salt Lake in Sarah’s super cool Sapphire Subaru named Lucy. Along the way we rocked out primarily to Armin Van Buuren’s latest ‘A State of Trance’ radio cast, # 909. Eddie, being our resident EDM DJ was kind enough to take a break from his usual Dubstep/Trap mainstay and indulge our desire for some Trance for the trek across the Rockies. The drive was beautiful and so was the company—and when we arrived in SL, things only got better!


While at FanX we made friends, took lots of pictures, and spread the good word about ForeverCon! Additionally, we obviously also sold copies of Rune of the Apprentice and The Last Amazon. Eddie and I got a kick out of one new fan pointing out, “It’s a funny that you are selling a post apocalyptic graphic novel about Denver in Salt Lake, when our city has been clearly obliterated in your book.” I mentioned to that fan that yes, it is funny, but lucky for him, Denver is only a 8 hour drive away, so as long as he stays away from Salt Lake City proper when the nukes hit, he should not have too much trouble joining the Denver Denizens in the off chance TLA is a prophetic piece of writing. Lucky him! But I digress…

What else…? Oh yeah, we took lots of pictures!

Our next convention is May 4th Free Comic Book Day at Mile High Comics in Denver! For those local, you should TOTALLY come! For those not local, hope TLA is not prophetic ;)