Night of the Wererabbit, a Game about Money, Monsters, and Moonshine LIVE Now on Kickstarter (Guest Post)

Guest Post by Kaylynn Duvall of MOEG GAMES

Do you like kittens that explode? Well, this is not it. 

Do you like short statured fantasy types who like to battle monsters? 

Well, we've got the monsters but no Elves or any magic (not counting Cousin Cleatus's moonshine, that could be magic or a curse). However, what we do have is plenty of liquor, bad judgment, and a whole lot of firepower!

Night of the Wererabbit is the culmination of nearly two years of development and many evenings of my brother and I cracking up over the hilarious (at least in our minds) stories and even funnier artwork.

While this is our first game we've actually developed, I think my brother and I have been creating games since our childhood. Every game we played, we changed the rules and added our own stories and pieces to make it even better. While we love games like Munchkin, Super Fight and Exploding Kittens, we find that most games don't work when you only have two players. So we wanted to take all of the things we loved about other games and make it so you can play with one friend or a group of friends.

Night of the Wererabbit is a card game for 2-5 players (unless you buy the expansion pack for up to 8 players) where your objective is to fight monsters, collect the bounties for killing them, and reach the goal of $10,000. With $10,000 you can buy whatever your redneck heart desires; A NASCAR commemorative plate collection, a new whiskey jug, or getting Uncle Maynard out of jail, anything you want, embrace your inner redneck. 


Actually, the 2-8 players is just the recommended amount of players, we've certainly played with more it just takes a little longer to play. The average play time for a game runs about 30 minutes to an hour, depending on how many players you have, so you can play it over and over again.

The story behind Night of the Wererabbit:

So people ask us where the idea came from for Night of the Wererabbit, and it goes back to when we were growing up. Our dad used to tell us stories before bed and we had a rabbit puppet that he would put pencils in its mouth for fangs and tell us tales of Vampire Bunnies and Wererabbits. Combine that with a childhood of watching all of the B Sci-Fi movies such as The Creature from the Black Lagoon, Night of the Leapus, and reading H.P. Lovecraft...and Night of the Wererabbit was born.

So why rednecks?

Well, when you watch a lot of those old monster movies, there's always the rednecks there somewhere. So we thought, what if those rednecks had to be the heroes and save the world from annihilation? Yeah, we'd probably all be doomed but it makes for a fun game filled with laughs and hilarity.

Why should you pledge to Night of the Wererabbit?

Unlike a lot of Kickstarters, we already have the artwork finished and we've been having people test play this game for over a year, so all of the kinks are worked out. The only thing left is the production of the card game, which is where our backers come in.

If you're a fan of card games like Munchkin, you will love Night of the Wererabbit. It's a family friendly game for ages 8 and up that you can play on family game night or with friends at your local brewery.

We had a lot of fun developing this game, and it is our hope that everyone has just as much fun playing it.


So now it's time to find some friends or family member who you've got some dirt on and sit down to play this absolutely awesome and amazing game that definitely doesn't require you blackmail people to play it. 

(But seriously blackmailing people to play is something we can get behind, especially politicians with compromising photos. Even better if the photos get them to support our Kickstarter).

Night of the Wererabbit is currently available on Kickstarter!