Ladies, gentlemen, AMAZONS, Denizens of Denver, and Azureus investors, I have some wonderful news, ALL OF YOUR BOOKS HAVE SHIPPED! 

I said I would get all of the remaining orders out by this Friday, and hot damn, I kept my word! True be told, I needed to wake up at 4:30 AM yesterday and today to make it happen, but I got all of the books out! Now, there are a small handful of people I am still chasing down for shipping addresses, but that comprises 1% of all Backers. The rest of you AWESOME people should be getting your books very, very soon!

Don't worry, I will still be posting updates, and this certainly would not be long enough to be our last "farewell" update. Additionally, I still need to ship out posters to Super Backers, but that will happen over the next 2 weeks. Most importantly, though, I pushed hard to get all of your books out, and David and I are so excited to hear what you all think about The Last Amazon

Let us know by posting an honest review on by clicking HERE and on by clicking HERE. You can simply copy the past the same review! Your post really helps us in the long run AND we love hearing what you all think about the book. Please post a review. Really. Thank you!