Books Are Shipping!!!

It is finally happening! The Last Amazon books are shipping!

So far, all USA domestic backers (who answered the survey) have had their books shipped! International orders are next, and all should be out by next week! After backers who answered the survey have books shipped to them, I will reach out individually to folks who did not answer the survey (and then I will do website orders.) If you have not yet answered the Kickstarter survey but are reading this, please tell us your address so we can ship you your books asap!

Out of the larger shipping box, the individual books look like this:


And then I sign then, re-pack them, and they look like this below! Yay!


Because David is in France, it's just me unpacking, inserting bookplates (signed by David and me), inscribing each book with backer's names, and then re-packing with thank you letter and shipping labels.

And yes, you heard me right, I am inscribing each and every book for you all. We did not promise to do that during our Kickstarter, but as always, I put myself in your shoes as a Backer (I have been an avid Kickstarter user since 2011 and have backed 49 projects) and I always deeply appreciate it when Creators go the extra miles for their Backers. I have a feeling you all will feel similarly :)

Inscribing is a lot of work, but I truly do enjoy it. Except when Tal Klein is concerned. Tal, if you don't know him, is a good friend of mine, Super Duper Backer of this project, and author of The Punch Escrow (great hard sci-fi book, check it out!) Well, when I signed Tal's book fate decided to step in and this happened:


No joke, when I wrote this dude's THREE LETTER FIRST NAME my Sharpie exploded metallic gold ink all over my hand. The image does NOT do it justice--the stuff was squirting everywhere! When it was all over, I felt like I had just auditioned for Goldfinger 2 and DID NOT get the part...

As you can see below, I was able to finish the inscription for Tal, but I think there are metallic gold flecks floating in my blood stream as I type this. Thanks, Tal...


Well, I've spent many long hours at this workstation signing books for you all and have a fair bit more to go. It's long work, but to be very honest it feels wonderful. Yes, at the end of the day I am utterly exhausted, but it is a truly wonderful feeling. Even when I look down the table at the huge stack left to do, knowing you all will get your books soon gives me that extra push to get more out the door before I have to go home and collapse.

Speaking of collapsing, I'm going to go do that now. (Please excuse any typos in this post I am exhausted.) Regardless, I am so happy you all will be getting your books soon!

Thank you and, most importantly, ENJOY!