Books Have Arrived!

Thrilled to announce that our shipment of The Last Amazon books, posters, and prints have arrived!


Pictured above is our first pallet carefully being lowered by our driver! After delivering our books to a temporary staging space in a friend's garage, our driver asked what was in the boxes. He said he could tell how happy I was to get them which, according to him, is very rare for deliveries of this size.


I opened one of the boxes and showed him a copy of our book. He was blown away by the art! He read the book for a bit and said he was so impressed by The Last Amazon and the story behind how we (creators and backers alike) made it all happen that he got a copy, too! So cool! I was thrilled to sign a copy for him and add him to our story of how The Last Amazon came to be!


After the driver left (thrilled to show his new book to his wife!) I then had to manually transfer each box to its next resting spot for signing and shipping out to you all! Moving each box personally was no small feat, but I have never been so happy moving boxes! Also, whoever invented Hand Trucks deserves a metal! 


Here is the final stack below, all safe and sound! No books were damaged in delivery which was awesome!  Words cannot describe how excited I am for you all to get your copies! 


Now that they are all here, it's time to sign and ship them out to YOU! Seen below is our workspace, currently all clean. But starting tomorrow, I will be signing books and shipping, so there will be books everywhere! I'll take more pictures as I begin signing and shipping! So exciting! 


What an amazing journey this has been--and it's not over yet! Say tuned for more news soon! None of this would have been possible without you all. THANK YOU!