TLA International Shipping Update and PATREON

First off, International Backers, rest assured, your books are on their way! Due to the increase of book size, and a few other factors, (yay for upgrades!) not just printing, but also shipping is more expensive than we had previously budgeted the Kickstarter for. I tried to negotiate with UPS, USPS, and FedEx about this, but shipping prices are hard to haggle on. Domestic shipping prices did not change much, but for international, it has made a huge difference. On average, about an additional $15, and for those of you who live in Australia/Asia, about $20 extra. Suffice to say, we are losing a lot of money sending you your books. But, we chose to upgrade the books and give you an even better product, not you. That was our choice, and we will not punish you for it!

BUT, if upon reading this, your hearts whispers to you, saying, "Damn, that really sucks for these guys, they have worked so hard on this project and now losing a lot of money because they upgraded our books. We really should do something--even if it's very small, just as a thank you for the upgrade." Then oh boy, do I have the PERFECT option for you! Pledge $1 on our Patreon page!

If each of you international backers gives us a $1 monthly pledge on Patreon, then in 1 year we (almost) will have recouped our losses AND you will be getting SUPER AMAZING exclusive Patreon stuff, too! And if you pledge $5, then we will be able to work full time on art and grow Apotheosis Studios into a much larger team! AND if our domestic backers (nudge, nudge) pitch in, well, the sky is the limit! 

So, all jokes aside, we are losing a lot of money on this, but despite that fact, are sending you an amazing book from our heart to yours. If you then can find it in your heart to help support our work on Patreon, it will mean the world to us. Thank you. You can click HERE to learn more about Patreon, and I have included some awesome samples below of our upcoming graphic novel entitled Shadow of the Moon. For $1 a month, you can enable us to continue working on this, and at $5 a month, you will enable us to work full time and get our next book out to you even sooner! Thank you!