Last Amazon, Tungsten, and Barcodes, Oh My!

We have been BUSY BUSY BUSY here at Apotheosis Studios! David and I cannot express how excited we are to FINALLY be finishing up the final draft of The Last Amazon and send our proof files to Mark Vierra, our printer extraordinaire! 


We submitted our cover art to Mark today and both David and I could not be more proud of how it came out!  Here it is!




Pretty epic, right?! These images will look STUNNING foil stamped on both the Standard Edition’s black faux cloth and, my personal favorite, the magnificent “Metal-X Tungsten” material of the Special Edition! Many backers agree and have upgraded their books from standard to special edition, and if you want to join in on the fun, just message us directly and we can upgrade your order, too! EZ PZ!

You know what else these covers have….? BARCODES! Now, what’s so cool about a barcode you ask? Well, it means we have an ISBN, can be sold in book/comic shops, and are all official with the United States Copyright department! We have already had several comic and bookstores offer to carry both versions of The Last Amazon and are thrilled to share our passion for epic sci-fi storytelling with many more locations around the world! (More on The Last Amazon going international in an upcoming update!)

I’m going to end this update here because, honestly, I have some final tweaks on our press proofs to perform and I’m just too excited about sending this book off to our printer to not finish them right this second!

Again, from the bottom of our hearts, David and I want to thank our Kickstarter backers. Your support has allowed us to bring our art into the world and for that, we will be forever grateful!  

Thank you. Thank you! THANK YOU!