David and I are putting the final touches on The Last Amazon's press proof files before we send them to Mark Vierra, our printer -- BUT I wanted to give a quick update with our steller POSTERS! 

Poster 1 of Danni Winters:


Poster 2 of LEX:


Pretty awesome, right?! Only the "HARDCORE SUPER HERO" backers are getting these bad boys, BUT if you are at a lower tier and would like to grab them, send me a message and we will add it to your order! 

In our next update, we will have more info about our press proofs, our epic 8 prints, and the signed foil bookplates! So exciting! Also, Mark Verra is headed to China tomorrow to personally oversee our press proof printing! Word on the street is that while his team prints our press proofs he even might shoot some special behind the scenes footage for you all, too! As backers, we want to bring you as close to the action as possible, and while I can't fly you all out to China to see the printing, this will be the best thing! Enjoy!