A Symphonic Cornucopia of Art

Hey all! David and I wanted to show you some of the art we have been working on the past few weeks. We have been fleshing out our new pages and wanted to give you a little window into our world. If you ever have any questions about this or anything else please feel free to post in the comments below or message us directly! 

Here is a progression shot, or an "in the making" version of a battle image of Danni Winters post robot fight. 


 And below is the near-final image after we add some HUD and other effects to make it fit into the story flow of the book, itself. In this case, it's robot POV footage which has been attached to an email and sent to a character in the book.


As you can see, a lot goes into making each image not only look good as art but equally as important, also have it mesh into the world of TLA and the specific story/art flow of where that image is in the book, itself. 

We have several arcs through the book, both story and art-wise, and it takes a lot of finesse to ensure that each image merges well into that specific location (and flow) of the book and fits well into the overall narrative of how we are telling that part of the story. Trust us, this is quite a challenge! 

For example, here is an awesome (at least I think so!) draft image CAO did of our near future Denver. 


 Pretty cool, right? As someone who has lived and spend a lot of time in the Boulder/Denver area, I love this shot and it really feels like I am looking at my beloved Denver! But while this is a really cool image, for the section of the book this image will be in, we needed to tweak the image to give it a more gritty and dark feeling. We also wanted to add several world/story specific highlights to ground this future Denver into OUR personal version of future Denver. 

Here is the next draft with edits:


And here is the same image draft placed into our actual page with corresponding header and article text. 


The image captures the same grit and depth of the writing, allowing the text and imagery to flow harmoniously. It possesses the darkness and depth of surviving a nuclear holocaust, but also the emotive resiliency and fragile hope of holding one's head high despite such tragedy. 

I'm proud to say that The Last Amazon is filled with these harmonious text/art moments, ranging from setting such as nuclear wastelands, paradise islands, social media megastars, Artifical Intelligence mainframes, epic fight scenes, and even EDM nightclubs. Because our story is told from so many perspectives, there is a cornucopia of images and voices, all raising their chorus together in artistic harmony, to bring you the visual symphony that is... The Last Amason.