The Last Amazon Expanding from 96 Pages to 128 Pages!

Over the past two months as David Granjo and I (Jamison Stone) were finishing the final pages of TLA, we kept on having new ideas for really awesome art and story elements. Because of this, we constantly were asking ourselves, "Do we add these super cool new ideas to this book, or postpone them to book 2?" It was a really tough call, honestly. Every extra page costs us more money, especially with the super high-quality printing we are doing for The Last Amazon with "OnTheMark". And because we are using sewn signatures (head and tail bands, case bound) our pages come in bundles of 16 per section, so we can't just add only 1 page at a time!

The dilemma was real, but ultimately, David and I decided to make this book the very best it could possibly be. Our goal is that when you receive The Last Amazon, you are completely blown away. The Last Amazon is a super unique story told in a super unique way, and so we want to make your experience of reading it as memorable and epic as possible. That means not cutting any corners or making any compromises on the story or art. As I've said before, I always put myself "in the other seat" and think about what I would want as a discerning reader. Well, having been working on this project for many months now, I can clearly tell you, as a very picky reader, this is what I'd want! And so, we've decided to expand the story by 32 new pages, making it 128 in total!

In addition to the added printing costs, the downside to this expansion is that every new page means more work for us, and therefore, more time to complete. By our original timeline, we had already hoped to have the rough draft of TLA finished and in the hands of our awesome printer Mark Vierra for review. But with every new page, our internal timeline has slid further and further back and we are hoping to wrap up the rough draft by the end of this month. Luckily, we originally budgeted for extra time, so we are not in that bad of shape, but it's now looking like the book will out late summer and worst case scenario, early fall. We won't have a final pub date figured out until we get all pages to the printer, but we will obviously keep everyone posted every step of the way! Although it might take a little extra time, we truly believe giving you all more epic content will be well worth the wait!

For fear of being verbose, I will wrap this update up for now, but if anyone has any questions, please post them in the comments below or feel free to message us directly. And for those who want to help fuel our epic pursuits and spread the word about The Last Amazon please encourage people to preorder the book at Our coupon code "PREORDER" is still valid, snagging folks a solid 20% off! And if you have not gotten it yourself, please click HERE and preorder now!

Lastly, a big shout out to our model Cynsin who is featured in the image above as a hologram of an Amazon Soldier. This is a new illustration by our team member CAO of Azureus Island and the Lockbae Monstle Headquarters building. We have some exciting new about cosplay suits which both Cynsin and we will share in the next few weeks, but keep an eye on our Instagram: for sneak peeks!