What an amazing time! Four full days of AWESOME!

I'm still trying to recoup and recover but am on a train headed first for Boston where I will be hosting an min in-house Dota2 scrimmage between my brothers and some of our east coast friends (it has super high stakes, like, those who lose have to do ALL the dishes—oh noes!) and then I'm off to Proctor Academy in NH where I will be giving an EPIC multimedia reading from Rune regarding the kick ass naval battle scene where ***Redacted for SPOILERS!***

BUT, despite all this travel, I still wanted to give a HUGE shout out to all my “new” New York Comic Con Friends and welcome you to the RUNE OF THE APPRENTICE community! We are all pretty excited for the book to come out, but because it is months away from being in your hands, we are biding our time by playing video games, doing local D.C. / NYC meet ups, and hanging on Twitch,  Facebook and Twitter where we talk and enjoy books/comics/videogame/movies and all things related. Most importantly we are super happy to have you new folks join us! In that same vein, if you know of anyone else who loves EPIC Fantasy/Science-Fiction storytelling, ask them to get the book and join us, too—all for free!

YES I SAID FREE, because of you (and the epicness of Comic Con) your friends can get an e-book version of RUNE for FREE! Inkshares (my publisher) is really excited to spread the word about RUNE and (FOR A LIMITED TIME, SO HURRY) is still offering promotional credits to new community members via referral. Because of this, people can either get the RUNE e-book for free, or the hard cover for half off! Enjoy the credits while they last though, because word on the street says they will be going away VERY SOON (we are talking days here, people, so hustle!)

To get this SUPER DEEP discount all YOU need to do is share RUNE on FACEBOOK or TWITTER via the Inkshares website (Facebook/twitter/email thumbnail) and then tell your friends to click the link. Once on the Inkshares site, your friends just need to create a new Inkshares account and then click the “follow” button on either RUNE OF THE APPRENTICE or myself, the author (Jamison Stone) and then wait 10-15 min for the new credits to arrive.

Your friends will then have enough credits to be able to get the RUNE e-book for free! (If they want to get an additional $5 in credits then can then click the “recommend on Inkshares” button, too.) Also, once the credits are up, not only can then get the e-book for free, BUT YOU get $15 in Inkshares credits for referring them and you can spend said credits on another copy of RUNE or another of the great books on Inkshares. For suggestions check out CORA (SF) and BLOOD DAWN (Fantasy.)

This is a great opportunity to get some really amazing storytelling for free and join a super passionate community, so don't pass it up!



  1. Comic Con was awesome, thank you and check out the epic pics!

  2. Join our community and play video games / chat with us on Twitch, Facebook, and Twitter!

  3. Be that cool guy/gal who can hook up your friends with a free e-copy of the book by sending them a referral link from and telling them to “follow” the book (see above) and then wait 15 min for their credits to arrive. EZPZ.

Guy and Gals, the Comic Con Community is huge we are building a movement. After the con ended I spoke with “Mike” (for those who know him, you know him by this name only, for one such as he needs no other title--for those that don't know Mike, he is a Comic Con GOD and one of the original founder of NYCC (and currently runs Winter Con among many others.)) Well, Mike is starting a NEW TOP SECRET con with a soft opening in March 2016, with grand opening fall of 2016. Mike has ALSO asked me to be a front man for some of his operations and organizational management (that's my day job) and when the New York Comic Con Godfather makes you an offer like that... well, you just can't refuse.

So, if you want to get EXCLUSIVE AND LIMITED EDITION TICKETS to the coolest, newest, and most awesome Convention to come to NYC, stay in touch with me—follow on Twitch, Facebook, and Twitter! Mike is letting me host a ticket giveaway VERY SOON because the soft launch is in March and the unveiling is right around the corner! To be eligible you have to follow me on Twitch, Twitter, and/or Facebook.

SO! Keep in touch with me and our community, not only to hang out and play games in person and via Twitch but also to get access to the insider scoop about new Cons (you will NOT want to miss out on this!) Also, Twitch is the best way for us all to hang out because I am horribly addicted to video games, but also because we can actually hang out there via webcam, chat, and actually play games together.


Don't worry though, I also respond to all tweets that make me smile or laugh, and am active on Facebook too.

Comic Con is all about the community. So, while we wait for the next one (plan our Cosplay, talk shop about upcoming new awesomeness, and save our hard earned dollars for new loot) come hang out with us. Just because Comic Con is over does not mean the fun is over! I am here, and the community is here--we are just a few clicks away. Come join!

See you space cowboys and cowgirls!  #Rota5k

p.s. As always feel free to drop me a line in the comments, and come visit on Inkshares. RUNE OF THE APPRENTICE is for you all to enjoy, and just because the book is not out yet, does not mean you can't get your RUNIC fix over at Inkshares, Twitch, Twitter, or Facebook

p. p. s. Also, if you have extra Inkshares Credits to spend, I suggst taking a look at For suggestions check out CORA (SF) and BLOOD DAWN (Fantasy) They are both great reads!


Jamison Stone

Jamison is the Director and Lead Writer of Apotheosis Studios. In addition to his professional career, Jamison is also a Trustee, Committee Chair, and grant writer for the W. Clement & Jessie V. Stone Foundation, an organization which provides grantmaking programs in education, youth development and early childhood development.