UMBC Comic Con!

I wanted to offer a huge thanks to Alexander Tancock, president of Comics and Other Media at University of Maryland, Baltimore Countyand for his invitation to showcase RUNE OF THE APPRENTICE at UMBC Comic Con and join their passionate community!

Everyone at UMBC was awesome and I enjoyed meeting folks from the Cosplay Coalition, Living Poet Society, The Visual and Fine Arts Club, Game Developers Club, and Table Top Gaming clubs! Fantastic stuff! It was a pleasure to spend the day with you all, and share in our collective passion for excellent Sci-Fi/Fantasy and fantastic storytelling! Also, getting pizza with many of you was great, too! Invading the parlor with full on zombie makeup was perfect! Thanks for including the "Space Ninja!" Haha! :)

There was some super awesome booths--student run and otherwise with some KILLER zombie makeup, highly detailed Ninja Turtles models, superhero art, and so much more! 

I was so busy talking/meeting people, that didn't have a chance to take many pictures BUT I had an amazing time and was super impressed with everyone's commitment, passion, and excitement! Thank you for the invite! See you next year!

UMBC folks this is VERY important:

  • DON'T FORGET TO CLAIM YOUR CREDITS and then use them to order RUNE!

Many of you awesome UMBC folks have not yet claimed your credits via email and picked up your copy of RUNE. I am able to go to conventions like this (and cover booth/travel costs) due to book sales, so please check your email, claim your credits, and then snag your copy of RUNE OF THE APPRENTICE today! Please don't put it off, it helps me a lot, and allows me to continue to meet awesome people like you at other conventions! THANKS!

As I mentioned, these credits also EXPIRE, so don't wait! Your free copy of RUNE is just a few clicks away! Simply go into your email, "claim" your creds, and then order RUNE (here)for free! EZ Mid, EZ Life! (Yes, that is a Dota2 reference, find me on Twitch here!)

P.S. Below are some SNEAK PEEKS of my new cosplay for Halloween. 

I will be in NYC figuring out more details about the super top secret new Convention I have been working on, and wanted to up my cosplay game for the meetings. I'm still working on the full set, and when it is done, it will be AWESOME! Stay tuned for more on Facebook! Also, if you want to hang in NYC for Halloween drop me a line @StoneJamison

Thanks again to everyone for all the support, it means the world to me! (Don't forget to spend those credits! And you can tell your friends they can get credits, too! All they have to do is create an account and follow RUNE OF THE APPRENTICE right here on Inkshares!)


Jamison Stone

Jamison is the Director and Lead Writer of Apotheosis Studios. In addition to his professional career, Jamison is also a Trustee, Committee Chair, and grant writer for the W. Clement & Jessie V. Stone Foundation, an organization which provides grantmaking programs in education, youth development and early childhood development.