THANK YOU Baltimore Comic Con!

What an Amazing experience! I cannot tell you how heart warming it was being able to meet so many awesome people and share such passion and excitement not only for RUNE OF THE APPRENTICE, but all the other epic storytelling at Comic Con, too!

I have been a long time attendee and cosplayer of many awesome conventions including Comic Con, but have never had my own Artist Alley table before. The ability to meet so many like minded people, shake your hands, look into your eyes, hear your stories, and not only share my dream for RUNE OF THE APPRENTICE, but also hear about your own personal passions too, was profound in ways I cannot describe in words. I am left speechless--which for a former professional speech writer is truly saying something!

Honestly, all I can say is THANK YOU! Your support and friendship means the world to me. Truly. 

My wife Becca and I have been working on RUNE OF THE APPRENTICE in isolation for so many years that having the Comic Con community rally around us like this is amazing. Over the course of just two full (and one half) days, RUNE got nearly 200 pre-orders! Just those orders in-and-of themselves are nearly 20% of our funding goal. Because of them, we are now close to the halfway point of 500 pre-orders! Amazing!

While we still have a long road ahead of us before we hit 1000 pre-orders allowing RUNE to get published (#RotA1k), the inspiration and overwhelming support we received from the Comic Con Community makes us know that together with YOUR help, we can do it! 

They way for RUNE OF THE APPRENTICE to truly take off is for you all to harness the power and passion of your social networks and share RUNE with your friends so we can gain some viral impact and spread the word in truly EPIC fashion

To do this, please "RECOMMEND" RUNE OF THE APPRENTICE via the Inkshares Website to your networks, and also join our growing community on Facebook and Twitter, too! I have some awesome surprises planned, so stay tuned!

Additionally, while Artist Alley Tables are sold out for NY Comic Con 2015, I have asked my publisher Inkshares to look into the getting an actual Exhibition Booth for RUNE!

Regardless of if RUNE can be featured in NYCC, the will of the people has been made clear and I will do all I can to continue having booths in various conventions across the country. This way we can all continue to share not only in RUNIC awesomeness, but all of our favorite epic fiction and games! 

The ability at Baltimore Comic Con to shake each one of your hands, hear your stories, and make a real personal connection was an experience I will cherish for the rest of my life--and the best part of it is that BCC was only the first convention of many, many to come! I am tremulously excited and have already started planing my next convention!

One of my favorite quotations reads: "Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. Only love can break down the walls that stand between us and our happiness." Well it is places like Comic Con where I am the most happy because I am surrounded by like minded people filled with passion and love for mutually shared inspirations. Because of this, always feel free to reach out to me directly. We truly are all in this together so if you use use  #RotA1k and @StoneJamison I will always respond to your questions, comments, and your own personal projects, too!

The knowledge that RUNE OF THE APPRENTICE, an epic Fantasy/Sci-Fi world that I created during the lonesomeness of my wife's military training/tours, has begun to inspire others in the same ways I have been inspired myself, has filled me with a joy beyond words. BUT please don't hoard that precious treasure all to yourself, because as the above quotation mentioned, it is only through working together and through sharing love--love of stories, friends, and of inspiration--that we can break down the walls that stand between us and our happiness. Please share the treasure of RUNE OF THE APPRENTICE and encourage your friends to join our new and growing community!

Whether it is on Inkshares, Facebook, or Twitter, we are all in this together and together we can do so much!

Thank you all so very much for joining RUNE's new and growing community! Knowing that we all have the communal goals of sharing friendship, inspiration, and fun warms my heart beyond anything I have ever experienced! From the bottom of my heart, I thank you!  


Jamison Stone

P.S. For those who have not yet pre-ordered RUNE please click HERE to do so! Its a great Book and goes to help a great cause!