Colorado Springs ComicCon

Just got back from Colorado Springs Comic Con. I had an absolutely amazing time meeting so many fellow fantasy/sci-fi fans and fellow readers and cosplayers! This was my first time at CSCC and it was so wonderful bringing Rune of the Apprentice, The Last Amazon, and Shadow of the Moon to so many new friends and fellow fans!

The cosplay at CSCC was really great, and is a constant reminder of how fandom can bring people together no matter their background, creed, or color! The ability to share one's passion and love for awesome storytelling and artistic craftsmanship always fills me with such joy! 

In the next few months, we will be launching The Last Amazon in a VERY special convention. David and I are so very excited for the big unveil, so stay tuned for more info soon! So freaking exciting!

In the meantime, enjoy these CSCC pics! It was great meeting everyone in Colorado Springs and I'm super stoked for next year!  (Especially because we will then have our physical copies of The Last Amazon! Yay!)