Alright TLA team, very exciting news! Mark Vierra, our printer, made an exclusive video for us of our foil press proofs in China! So exciting! Words truly cannot describe how David and I feel about this project--and all of you! 

As a writer, I am rarely speechless, but seeing this book come to life is powerful in ways I cannot describe!

Mark had been testing the foils and covers for The Last Amazon in China for nearly a month now! We've had delays because our cover art is so detailed, and therefore, very challenging to foil. We actually ran out of test sheets with all our attempts! It's really tricky actually, with this much foil coverage and so much intricate artistic detail. Originally, some of the areas of our faces and noses were not showing the same detail as our file--but with a little love and expertise, it now looks perfect! 

To solve the problems we were having, we changed a bit how we are performing the press, and ordered more sheets--this time of an even higher quality. The sheets then needed to be specially processed in order to be foiled correctly for our very highly detailed art. 

The process is quite extensive. The material is cut and mounted to the hardcover board material. There are then numerous test strips and art checks all before the press even comes down! And then, finally, when it's ready to foil, it's pressed, and triple checked for accuracy! Mark had actually planned to be out of China much sooner, but he stayed an extra 2 weeks just for us! He really went the extra mile for us so we could get the best result on our covers as possible! 

Thank you, Mark!

I'm so proud of everyone involved in The Last Amazon and feel so grateful we were able to make this kickass book together! If any of you have any questions, please let me know! And if any more of you want to upgrade from the Silver Standard Edition to the Gold Special Edition, just PM me! So far we have had a bunch of people request upgrades, and upon seeing the covers printed, I have no doubt in my mind that these Special Editions will sell out. If you want to secure yours while supplies last, PM me directly!