Shipping Update and Prints

Hello! While I am certain everyone is focused on the upcoming holidays, I wanted to give a QUICK update on shipping timeline and share the remaining 4 prints with you all.

Azureus FSF-50 Print.JPG

For the past 5ish months, I've been in near constant contact with our overseas printer and I am amazed at how many times they keep pushing back our delivery date. Despite this, the books, posters, and prints are all done and waiting to be shipped--and look amazing. I'm told I should get final overseas shipping info next week. So, that's really good news! 

MJ and Redd Amazon Print.JPG

Once I get the final ship date, I will let you know ASAP and send out backer surveys. Also, if you would like any of these prints, please PM me. It's easy for us to add them to your order, so just let us know! The prints are larger than industry standard at 11" x 17" (inches) and printed with very high-quality paper and ink. They look fantastic!

Lauren Drain Danni Print.JPG

We'll start individually mailing out books and other rewards to you all once they arrive in our studio space and we finish signing them (don't worry, that will not take long!) The Last Amazon will be in your hands soon! Thank you all again for your support. We have many more awesome projects planned but are super excited for you to enjoy TLA!

Samantha Rubin Amazon Print.JPG

 Happy holidays, everyone! We should have another update soon with more info!