Update, Update, Who's Got The Update?

First off, excited to share the four of our prints with you all! We have a total of eight, and if you would like to add them to your order simply PM me! I will be posting them below intermingled with our shipping update text!

Cheryl Lawrence Redd Print.JPG

OK, timeline update: So, as you know, our printer has suffered several major setbacks and delays, causing the release of The Last Amazon to be pushed back several times now. This is incredibly frustrating for everyone involved, readers and us creators alike!

Denver Denizens Print.JPG

Luckily, I was just told this week that they are finishing the bindings on our special editions, which was the last step because interiors, bookplates, prints, and posters are all done! Because of this, books should be shipping out to our warehouse by the end of next week. I am still waiting to hear how long it will take for them to arrive (we have two pallets traveling by boat from China) but once they arrive, we will then individually sign and mail out each book to our VERY patient Kickstarter backers! Yes, that's you!


As I'm sure you saw from the Paris trip, the books, however, look fantastic and well worth the wait. Still, we are so very sorry for the delay. For future books, we are exploring other options to avoid these delays again. 

Cynthia Chan Amazon Print.JPG

Speaking of future books, while we have been waiting for The Last Amazon to be printed, our team have been hard at work on our next graphic novel called Shadow of the Moon. For more information on that project, please take a look at our brand new Patreon page here: https://www.patreon.com/ApotheosisStudios We'll have much more info in the coming weeks, but are excited to share what we have been working on over the past few months as we wait for the printer! Again, so sorry for their delays!