Military Family Charity Donations, MP3 Audiobook CD, and New Vai’kel Map!

  1. Military Family Charity Donations
  2. MP3 Audiobook CD  
  3. New Vai’kel Map! 

1. Military Family Charity Donations

Excited to say we have our final pre-order royalties numbers all figured out! The grand total came to $2,806.33 (again, this was triple checked/confirmed by Inkshares)! So very excited to get these hard earned funds to our four designated Military family charities! With February nearly over, it has been both suggested and requested that I wait until next quarter (just over a month from now) to submit, and I will follow up with you all both here and on my blog once the donations have been made! 

Additionally, if you all remember, when my Inkshares campaign ended in October of 2015, I also made my own independent $10,000.00 discretionary grant to ’Our Military Kids’ to support their fabulous work. Although not connected to my RUNE campaign or my pre-order charity pledges, I had really wanted to do all in my power to aid these communities. ’Our Military Kids’ no doubt put those funds to good use, and will do likewise with their share of the new funds they are soon to receive!

Thank you all for your help and support in this. We were able to raise a good deal of money for some great organizations! Yay!

2. MP3 Audiobook CD

Shiro has an important announcement! The MP3 Audiobook CD of Rune of the Apprentice is now available! It’s only $9.99 and super awesome! Not only a perfect collector’s item, this is a wonderful option for those who want the audiobook, but just don’t like digital. And no, I’m sorry I don’t think they are making a cassette tape edition, so we will all have to settle with only CDs! I highly suggest you listen to a free sample HERE! Enjoy!

3. New Vai’kel Map!

Amazing artist M. S. Corley and I are 95% done with the new Vai’kel map! How exciting! For the next update, I think I am going to do an entire post showing exactly how I made it (with pictures of each step along the way) but for now you can have a seek peak below! Again, I cannot speak more highly of M. S. Corley (if you remember he did RUNE’s cover) and am so excited to show you all the finished map soon! Super stoked to also collaborate with him on the cover art for RUNE’s sequel, Oath of the Apprentice. 

Alright, that’s all for now! Thank you all for your support with the charity campaign! I am so proud of our community for making this happen! And, lastly, if you have not yet reviewed RUNE on Amazon and/or Goodreads, good god, please do! THANK YOU! :)


"I was immediately captivated by the world created by Stone; the world of a teenage boy, Aleksi, cast out of innocence into the machinations of adult politics and manipulation. Aleksi is forced into a life of danger, uncertainty and the possibility for a hopeful, better future. He has the skills and the magic, does he have the courage?" ―David Atekpatzin Young, Native American Storyteller and Healer, author of Chicansimo and A Magic Feather