So, I'm sitting here listening to Ai Wo Koete (Transcending/Exceeding Love aka Suikoden III Opening Theme, because that is my life) and feeling so thankful to everyone who has allowed David Granjo and I make The Last Amazon! Words cannot express what is in our hearts, so we will endeavor to do our best to show you through our art! Although our feelings are ineffable, we wish to say one more time: THANK YOU!

In that vein of showing excitement through art, here is our newest DRAFT image of Amazon Soldier Cynsin, a cosplay model extraordinaire and our newest actor for TLA!

Cynsin is really awesome! So awesome, in fact, that she and her fiance will be coming to Awesome Con for our Exhibition Booth on March 30 though April 1st in Washington DC! I mean, you can't really get MORE awesome than that, right?! But if any of you wonderful people in the D.C. / Maryland / Virginia area want to try, please come and say hello! We have a really sweet booth set up, and would LOVE to see you!  

Cynsin and her fiance also run Aesthetic Cosplay, a fantastic cosplay costume and prop company AND they will be doing our custom The Last Amazon cosplay costumes and props for our shows! So. Freaking! AWESOME!!! 

While our TLA custom suits and props are still being designed, check out their other amazing stuff by clicking HERE. As many of you know I am a HUGE gamer, so I am particularly impressed by their Guardian Sword from Zelda Breath of the Wild seen directly below. (Yes, that is Cynthia, and yes, I said fiance, sorry guys and gals!)

Isn't that a freaking amazing prop!?! I obviously want a Rune Blade from Rune of the Apprentice made, but more on that later! Aesthetic Cosplay also has some other really rad light up (and some even have sound FX) props from many IPs including Overwatch D.Va's gun and Loot Box! I also really like the Zelda Guardian Shield, but I digress... 

So! Back to brass tacks, or in this case, brass die foil hardback book covers! We have been talking with our Printer, "On the Mark" and have some really exciting news about your books! But before we dive into that (will be done in future updates) I wanted to be REALLY clear with you all about the money we raised. 

So, we "officially" raised $20,999 (jeez, can anyone spare me a single dollar!) but once Kickstarter took our their service charge and money processing fees, our net deposit was $18,075.52, which just cleared! Yay!

Now, I'll be blunt with you (hopefully like that Guardian Sword prop featured above) if it were not for Kickstarter we would not have met many of you, and therefore been able to share our art with not only you, but now the world. So, personally, I feel honored that I can, now through my own Kickstarter, nourish that very same community of creators and backers that I have grown to love over my many years backing projects. (And yes, yes, I know that I still have been "nourishing" Kickstarter every time I back ANYONE's project, but jeez, don't ruin the moment!)

Soooo, with all that said, now its time for us at Apotheosis Studios to put your money to work and Create The Best Damn Space Sim... Wait, that's not it... To Create The Best Damn Post-Apocalyptic, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Superhero, "Photo Sur-realistic" Graphic Novel you've ever seen! Lucky for us, you've never seen one before! :P

UNTIL NOW that is, and all thanks to YOU, our backers! YAY! THANK YOU!