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Independent Studio of Creative Artists collaboratively working on The Last Amazon graphic novel, The Rune Chronicles Playing Card Deck, The Children of Mindra graphic novel, and Shadow of the Moon top-down roguelike RPG video game, while also being responsible for the fantasy/sci-fi book series The Rune Chronicles, featuring Rune of the Apprentice.

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The Rune Chronicles, Book I

In a world where magic, technology, and nature have merged, the few who can control Runes hold dominance over all of creation. All believe that Aleksi, a sixteen-year-old orphan, was blessed to be born with a Rune embedded in his palm, but that’s only because they don’t know the truth—Aleksi’s Rune is so powerful it’s killing him.

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The Last Amazon

In the near future, Azureus Island is advertised as the last oasis on a war torn planet. The Last Amazon follows the story of Danni Winters, a young woman who wins a contest allowing her a coveted position to live and work on Azureus Island. This is a dream come true until after a horrible kidnapping, Danni discovers that Azureus Island is not a “paradise” as advertised.

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