Jamison Stone


We are a a small, creative studio providing consulting, writing, and editorial work for non-profits and businesses, while also being responsible for a wide variety of literary works, including the Fantasy novel Rune of the Apprentice. Additionally, Apotheosis Studios is currently creating several other exciting projects, including an emotive memoir entitled Heart Warrior

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The Rune Chronicles, Book I

In a world where magic, technology, and nature have merged, the few who can control Runes hold dominance over all of creation. All believe that Aleksi, a sixteen-year-old orphan, was blessed to be born with a Rune embedded in his palm, but that’s only because they don’t know the truth—Aleksi’s Rune is so powerful it’s killing him.

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Jamison Stone

Jamison is the Director and Lead Writer of Apotheosis Studios and CEO of Strong as Stone. In addition to his professional career, Jamison is also a Trustee, Committee Chair, and grant writer for the W. Clement & Jessie V. Stone Foundation, an organization which provides grantmaking programs in education, youth development and early childhood development.

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