RUNE UPDATE - Cover Sneak Peak!

Despite the long wait between updates, rest assured we have been hard at work on RUNE! To prove it, I wanted to share a sneak peek at the most recent draft of our new cover art! 

Again, this is still a draft, and we are planning on making a few more final tweaks to it, BUT I wanted to open the discussion up so everyone else in the community could chime in and share their thoughts, too! 

If you have any feedback please direct message me here on Inkshares, tweet me@StoneJamison, or zap me an email at I really look forward to hearing your thoughts! Seriously, let me know what you think, both the good and bad!!!

In other news:

I also wanted to give a heads up to all the other writers out there thinking about publishing with Inkshares about Geek & Sundry’s Hard Science Contest. I’m a HUGE fan of G&S and am super excited to have them officially included into the Inkshares community! 

They have also enlisted the aid of the Science and Entertainment Exchange, the Hollywood-facing arm of the National Academy of Sciences, who has agreed to have scientists consult on all winning books for scientific accuracy. Pretty sweet! So if you’ve written or are writing a book that emphasizes plausible science to tell your story, you might want to take a look at this contest. To quote The Martian’s Mark Watney, everyone is pretty excited to “science the s**t” out of Inkshares.


As many of you know, I am a HUGE gamer, cosplayer, and convention goer, too. Usually PAX is where these passions converge for me, but I am SUPER excited to officially announce that I will be going to The DOTA 2 INTERNATIONAL 2016 in August with my brother nickystone90!

He and I game a lot together, but in the past we have only been able to watch previous Internationals on Twitch so we are stoked to be able to go in person this year! I’m already hard at work on my cosplay, too! I dropped a huge hint in my last update (OK, not a hint, I totally gave it away) but over on my blog I’m going to be doing a complete costume construction run down as the date approaches, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, feel free to hit me up for a game of DOTA! Friend me on Steam, my Friend ID is 65253934 and here is a direct link to my Steam profile. For those wondering my MMR is 3.5k and I have 3,050 hrs on record. Yeah, I’m addicted...

For those of you who do not know how amazingly awesome DOTA, the International, or Major League Gaming is, last year there was a CROWDFUNDED Prize Pool of $18,429,613. Just let that sink in for a second... Yeah, pretty wild. I will end this update with the below picture to put professional DOTA into perspective for non-gamer folks! 

Happy reading, gaming, and doing all the other awesome stuff that inspires you! Also, for those new followers who have not checked out my book (gasp!) take a look at the Prologue (it’s pretty amazing) and then snag a pre-order. For only $8.99 You will not be disappointed! Enjoy!