Video Book Review by 'The Art and Making of' YouTube Channel!

It fills me with great pride to share this newly released The Last Amazon Review by the YouTube channel 'The Art and Making of'!

As an artist, it is one's hope to have their art seen and appreciated on its own merits. We took a lot of risks with The Last Amazon and tried something wildly different and innovative in the field of graphic novel storytelling. 'The Art and Making of' truly grokked what we were trying to do, and seemed to appreciate it greatly. This is a wonderful feeling and would have been impossible without all of you!

I highly suggest you all watch this review and relish in the fact that YOU, as our Kickstarter backers, were vital in this book's creation. Without all of you, this book would not have been possible. Thank you.

So please, let's celebrate together and revel in what was created. To do so, please leave a quick comment on this video and share your thoughts, even if brief. You then can copy paste these thought into YOUR OWN honest review of our book on by clicking HERE and on by clicking HERE. Your reviews TRULY help us and don't need to be long. (Also, if you enjoy awesome art book reviews, consider subscribing to the 'The Art and Making of' YouTube channel--it's a fantastic channel, and therefore a huge honor to be so highly reviewed!)

Thank you!