RUNE’s Two Year Crowdfunding Anniversary and a New Graphic Novel!

Hello fellow Apprentices and Masters! I just got back from Baltimore Comic Con where we celebrated the 2 year anniversary of our first RUNE Booth! It was also Freya’s very first Comic Con this weekend, and yes, she is sporting a “Straight Outta Asgard” shirt! #WinningAtParenting ?

So wild, just over two years ago we started this whole crowd funding thing, and you all have been with us every step of the way! What a trip it has been! Even as I type these words, I can hear Becca and Freya laughing in the other room. From the bottom of my heart I thank you! The picture below (my first booth ever!) makes be both smile and cringe, but I have learned a lot, and look forward to many more books, booths—and maybe—babies :) But I digress...

I wish to thank all of you for making Rune of the Apprentice possible. If reading it gave you even a fraction of the joy I had writing it, then I consider it a wild success! In that vein, I also would like to humbly request that you leave RUNE a quick review on Amazon by clicking here or by going to It will only take you a moment and will ensure that I can publish many more books in the future—both sequels AND prequels!

Which leads me to my next crowdfunding project that is now LIVE and called The Last Amazon! Yes, you heard right, just this past week, I, on the 2 year anniversary of starting my crowdfunding campaign for Rune of the Apprentice launched the crowdfunding campaign for The Last Amazon, an Epic Graphic Art Novel on Kickstarter!

Fear not, fans of RUNE, for The Last Amazon is a prequel to RUNE and The Rune Chronicles. This story arc not only shows how a desperate human race got from a broken earth to the technologically majestic world of Terra, but also chronicles the birth of Terra’s creator, Numen Consciousness! I am excited beyond words for this book and so proud to be partnered up with David Granjo, illustrator extraordinaire! He is a truly magnificent artist, and now, dear friend!

David and I have so many awesome things planned for this 96 page, 9 x 12 Landscape "Graphic Novel!" Art of this caliber deserves nothing less than the highest quality of inks, printing, hardcover, and care, something which Inkshares is unable to do. To learn more about this epic project click here or go to If you want to bring this epic near-future sci-fi graphic novel to life, please back it now!

Yes! That’s right, our Kickstarter is now LIVE and taking pledges! How awesome! We are so excited to share more info about The Last Amazon with you in the coming days, so stay tuned. For now I will leave you with these awesome action illustrations below and give you this warning—the fall of liberty is upon us! Beware!

To learn more go to

To learn more go to