$5k Pledge and New Color Options for AmazonLEX!

Great news! We just received a $5k "EXECUTIVE PRODUCER" pledge on our The Last Amazon Kickstarter Campaign this morning! So much wow!

4 color2.jpg

Moreover, I have received word that another $5K pledge might be in the wings! No promises, but we can hardly contain our excitement! If it goes through, that means we just need to raise another $3k in 6 days!

They say Kickstarter campaigns live and die via the success of their first or last week. Well, the time is neigh! We believe we can do it! But we need your help spreading the word! Please share, comment, and support us in any way you can! Let's do this!   

4 color.jpg

In other news, here are a few color choices for AmazonLEX, Darth Lexii's character! Pretty cool, huh?!

Which color is your favorite? Please post your choice in the comments and let Darth Lexii and us know! So exciting!