EXCLUSIVE Guest Post on NextGen MilSpouse

Very proud to say RUNE OF THE APPRENTICE: 

  1. Just reached 26% of its funding goal (263+ copies sold!)
  2. Was just featured with an exclusive in "NextGen MilSpouse!" 

In this exclusive guest post I go into some very interesting (and never before released) details about the book itself, and how RUNE mirrors many of my experiences as a male military spouse.

"The story deals with the very real issue of gender roles and the complicated desire, as a military spouse, to live up to our service member’s achievements and try to be a hero in our unique way at home. Although told upon the backdrop of an adventure novel, these complicated themes of personal honor, duty, gender roles and committed relationship dynamics—with a partner who serves her country first, and foremost—is the foundation of the main characters’ relationship.

"Although Rune of the Apprentice is exciting and adventurous, the majority of the story is framed by a deep yearning romance between the two main characters. One is a conflicted young hero named Aleksi and the other is a young female heroine named Saiya. Most importantly, Saiya is not only powerful in her community, but also a very influential leader..."

Click HERE to read the full article and learn more about RUNE!

If you like what you read, please pre-order RUNE and share with your friend, family, and co-workers (if you have not done so already!) 

As I said above, we just hit the 25% mark, so next in our sights is 50%! Please spread the word and keep this great momentum going!

With deep appreciation,

Jamison Stone



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Jamison Stone

Jamison is the Director and Lead Writer of Apotheosis Studios. In addition to his professional career, Jamison is also a Trustee, Committee Chair, and grant writer for the W. Clement & Jessie V. Stone Foundation, an organization which provides grantmaking programs in education, youth development and early childhood development.