What is Phantasia? (Guest Post)

A risk. Phantasia is a risk. Not in the sense that it's risqué, not even close, but in the sense that I feel like I willingly jumped into the deepest part of the ocean, and I have a 50/50 chance of either finding a raft to stay afloat, or drowning. That's the type of risk I'm talking about.

Well... That started off dark, sorry about that, but it's kind of true. Anytime you decide to do something outside the norm, or put yourself out there to the world, you are indeed taking some level of risk. And being a 21-year old who recently graduated film school, then trying to get a book published via unconventional means in an attempt to break into the writing industry... Yeah, I'd categorize that as risky. But, if you really must know, Phantasia is a small book of fantasy short stories accompanied by illustrations such as the ones below (cover art courtesy of Pheobe Johnson, and other colored images by Lydia Meixner).

Why take such a risk?

First of all, this isn't the first time I've gone against the tides. I've always been kind of the weird one out, even in my own family, which is saying something considering my family is quite... Unique. For example, I mentioned that I'm a film graduate. It's extremely hard to get into that industry unless you have connections. And even with connections, there's a chance you might not get in. Not to mention, it's a very costly industry if you want to create something of quality.

So, why on Earth did I decide to go into such a field where there was a high probability I wouldn't break in for an undetermined amount of time? Simple. It was because I love film. Or rather because I love the concept of seeing something that started out as an idea become a visually-pleasing medium. It's something I like to call "making the intangible, tangible." That's probably why I love fantasy, science-fiction, adventure, action or any combination of those. It takes you to a world you can never actually be a part of, but somehow still feel like you're there; on the same journey as the protagonists. Little did I know that creating those ideas was what I truly wanted to do. I had my speculations, but it didn't really settle in until this year. Up until then, I wasn't actively trying to make a living out of writing prose or comics (that's another story). In fact, even in film my second favourite part is picture editing. I never really knew why I liked it, or why I was good at it until I remembered what one of my professors once said: "Editing is telling the story a second time" (or something like that). 

Anyway... I don't think I actually answered the question. In all honesty, I took this risk at such a young age because I was faced with two choices: either waiting for my writing career to start or making a move now. So, once I discovered Inkshares... I made a move. I got tired of waiting for my moment to shine, and took the opportunity that was starring me in the face. It took some mental convincing, and talking it over, but I still did it.

Do I regret anything so far?

Heck no! If I did, everything I've learned and done so far would have been pointless. I'll admit that sometimes I have those wavering thoughts on whether I should have chosen a different path, or "boy, I wish I figured things out sooner, or thought things out better," but you know what? I chose this path, and I'm going to stick by it! And if it doesn't work out? Well then, I learned something from it. Do I like making mistakes? No one does, but like I said before, I learn from them. That's how you become a better, wiser person! Besides, I have to thank my mom for saying these very true words in only the way a mother could say them: "You're only 21!" 

Why do I write?

I write because I want to, I love to and to see people enjoy what I've written as much as I do. 

So yeah, that's me in a nutshell, sort of. If you would be so kind as to check out Phantasia by clicking HEREhttps://www.inkshares.com/projects/phantasia That't be awesome! Also, huge thank you to Jamison Stone for allowing me to write this for his website! Such a nice fellow, so check out his awesome book, Rune of the Apprentice, too!

Thanks for reading! 

-A.K. Wolf

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Jamison Stone

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