Heart Warrior

Turning a Story of Suffering into a Life Lived in the Spirit of Service

Heart Warrior is a true story of transforming tragedy into joy, racism into understanding, and darkness into a light which shines for the benefit of all. Heart Warrior is an emotive memoir revealing both the darkest sides of human nature, and the heart’s ability to not just survive, but truly thrive.

Stuart C. Lord, Coauthor of HEART WARRIOR

Stuart C. Lord, Coauthor of HEART WARRIOR

In recent years, there has been an increased awareness about childhood sexual abuse, from such vehicles as the Academy-award-winning film, Spotlight. Although impactful, this awareness is not enough, and more is needed. There are about 42 million survivors of childhood sexual abuse in the US (that’s roughly 1 in 6 males). Fortunately, it is becoming more difficult for sexual abusers to hide in the shadows. Yet, so many children and adults still suffer in silence.

As a foster child, Dr. Lord endured years of sexual and physical abuse by those entrusted with my care and nurturing. On the day he was going to break the silence and tell his mother, she suffered a severe stroke and died shortly thereafter. Although misfortune, neglect, and abuse shaped Dr. Lord's youth, more importantly, Heart Warrior is the story of how he found inspiration, transformation, and finally the ability to feel love and compassion—for both himself and others.

Dr. Stuart Lord is an African American academic, educator, and administrator specializing in multicultural education and leadership. He received two Masters from Princeton Theological Seminary, and a Doctorate from United Theological Seminary. He has served as the President of Naropa University; Vice President and Dean of Dartmouth College; and the Executive Director for the President’s Summit for America’s Future, a White House initiative in the Clinton administration.

This book will be of interest to those who have experienced abuse, their loved ones, abuse therapists / counselors, and people interested in social issues, civil rights, and leadership. It is our deepest hope that through reading this book, a person who has experienced any measure of hardship and adversary will be inspired to transcend their shame and anger. It gives us great joy to present Heart Warrior, Book I, the story of how Dr. Lord transformed tragedy into opportunity, shame into compassion, and personal darkness into a light which shines to benefit all.

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