ForeverCon 2020

Second or Third Weekend of September, 2020

Location: Denver, CO

(Additional Information Forthcoming)

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What is forevercon?

Comics are undeniably the backbone of our world’s modern storytelling renaissance. The robust history of comics have shaped our metamodern cultural landscape, and their ability to inspire and awe fans today has only compounded due to the amazing technological advancements of our computerized movie industry.

ForeverCon wishes to stand on the shoulders of giants as we look ever upward and onward to co-create our collective storytelling future. Through comics, graphic novels, movies, tabletop games, video games, and other innovative art forms that lean heavily on cutting edge technology, we as a storytelling culture are on the brink of potentialities only dreamed of by our comic authoring forbearers.

WHo is forevercon for?

ForeverCon will be THE meeting place for all artists, creators, and innovative minds who wish to inspire, awe, learn and share. Grounded in the rich history of storytelling, ForeverCon will shoot for the moon, so that someday, we will live among the stars--Because Storytelling is Forever!